No Surprises Fixed Prices

At ATS PARTNERS, we like to do things differently....

One of the fundamental factors that we know to be the key to long-term business success is the relationships you have with your accountant.

Building a proactive relationship with our clients ensures that we can be instrumental in helping you to reach your goals. We want to help you with any challenges as soon as they pop up, rather than simply being the ones to give you a report about it once it is over, because by then it may be far too late.

To help your business accomplish its goals, we offer you an Annual Accounting package, where all of your accounting, taxation and compliance needs are provided for a fixed price. The cost of your Annual Accounting Service is spread evenly over a financial year. And the best part is, your Annual Accounting Package includes unlimited* phone calls and emails, so you can get advice at any time without an additional fee!

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Each package will be designed to suit your needs, containing only the services you require so you won’t be paying for services you may never need. With your financial investment being spread evenly throughout the year your cash flow will also benefit. Additional services to help you grow your business may also be added to your package if and when the need arises.

Summing up, your Annual Accounting Package will improve the turnaround time for your work, provide a fixed price for all your compliance needs, spread the cost over twelve months with smaller impact on cash flow and provide you with confidence to call or email us at any time knowing there will not be an additional fee for these interactions. However, should you prefer the traditional method of paying upon completion of your work; this option is also still available upon request.


Have you just started your business journey and have big ambitions, or are you happy with the size of your small business and are looking for expert assistance in completing your Business Activity Statements and Annual Tax Returns? Our Accelerate Package choice offers you the comfort of knowing you can sleep at night with all your compliance matters under control.

Package includes but not limited to:

  • Annual compliance
  • Business Tax Returns 
  • Quarterly BAS Statements
  • Software subscription as determined
  • Client support included*

from $181.50/mth


Business is growing and you want to keep up to date with all the other issues that go along with expansion. You can rest assured knowing that all of these extra issues are being taken care of with the Transform Package, while you focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Package includes but not limited to:

  • Annual compliance
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Quarterly BAS and IAS Statements
  • Annual business review and tax planning
  • Benchmarking your business
  • Software subscription as determined
  • Prepare and submit annual PAYG Payment Summaries and Statement
  • Long Service leave & Payroll Tax commitments
  • Client support included*


Your business is going well but you want to go from strength to strength. Our strength package not only looks after all of your compliance and reporting obligations but includes a complete business improvement program. We work with you on a regular basis to keep your business continually improving to reach its full potential.

Package includes but not limited to:

  • Annual compliance & Tax Returns
  • Quarterly/Monthly BAS Statements
  • Software subscription as determined
  • Annual Tax planning
  • Prepare and submit annual PAYG Payment Summaries and Statement
  • Long Service Leave & payroll Tax commitments
  • Quarterly Directors/Partners meeting with set agenda to keep your business on the move
  • KPI analysis and benchmarking for your business
  • Goal setting and tactics to achieve them, review progress and refine tactics
  • Client support included*

*Support is subject to 'reasonable use'. Its purpose is that you can call or email us any time if you have a question without worrying about being charged in addition to your monthly fee. If your question results in additional work being required, we'll give you a quote before starting any work.

Can’t find a package that fits?

Just contact us or request a quote and we’ll help you out with a custom package tailored to suit your individual circumstances.

Additional Services​

We can also offer a range of additional services as required. Including but not limited to:

  • Individual tax returns
  • SMSF annual accounts, tax & compliance
  • Outsourced payroll
  • Outsourced bookkeeping.
  • Regular management reporting
  • Advisory services
  • Cashflow forecasting.
  • Budgeting
  • Business valuations
  • Software conversions
  • Software recommendations and setup for new business
  • Business process audits (streamlining your business from sales leads to debtor collection)
  • Business succession planning
  • Business systems review
  • Strategic planning

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