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Geraldine McCredie, Cairns, QLD

Director/Member, Gradean Super Fund

"Want to own your finances? Let the professionals assist you. This company’s professional standard cannot be surpassed."

"Don’t get in a financial ATS!!"

After my husband died I sought the assistance of a Melbourne based Financial Advisor who had helped establish a portfolio for us during our working life. After a few years I had “my suspicions” that things were not happening to my advantage.

I discovered my finances were slowly but surely being eroded by the series of bad moves affected through poor advice. I was losing control over what little knowledge and power I considered I held. I was frustrated and upset as every decision I wanted to make was argued down or just brushed aside as “Stupid woman! Your action should be - leave it to me”.

Affectively I had no control over my hard earned money. The money I had was being down trodden by heavy fees and poor out of hand decisions.

Acting on a recommendation from a very trusted and highly respected source, I requested the assistance of Faye Cornish to sort out my personal tax issues.

When Faye moved to ATS Partners in 2010, I followed her recommendation: - ATS is a solid firm. It keeps up to date with financial trends, news and information. It is open to new ideas. The staff up skilled annually through professional development. ATS is consistently positive in all dealings and relationships with clients.

In my opinion, I think Faye Cornish walks on water.

She has helped me set up and manage a Self Managed Superannuation Fund. She reinforces my actions with good advice. She never loses the concept that it is my money. Her constant mantra to me is “Don’t worry or panic – it’s OK – we will work it out”. Faye has given me the confidence to just enjoy the Self Managed Superannuation Fund and more importantly I feel - I now own my money.

I have found that ATS are only a phone or an email away. Advice: when you want it. Faye’s availability is wondrous. If I phone, she gets back to me. Her advice is timely. The great thing is if she is ever unsure, she checks with others for advice. She assures me at every step of my financial journey to my goals.

Working with ATS is only part of the picture for me.

At every opportunity - I tell people that I have a wonderful accounting firm. Even though I live in Far North Queensland, the distance is never a problem. Now my partner, sister and brother in Melbourne and several South Australian friends are satisfied, happy clients of ATS.

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