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Noel and Merron

Noel and Merron George

Trustee/Members, Carry On Superannuation Fund

“Professional service, an experienced and friendly team who are patient communicators, honest, supportive, reliable and engender confidence.”

Our finances were not at an acceptable standard- “they were actually a mess”. The alarm bells were ringing for at least four years, that our previous tax accountant was “well below standard, especially as far as honesty was concerned”. My wife & I had numerous conversations airing our concerns regarding tax returns and very, very poor financial advice which cost us more “than $400,000 of our hard earned money with no sign of abating”. On several occasions during our annual visit to his office we had approximately 12 questions written down for the then accountant to advise us on. He did not want a copy of the questions and did not take any notes, said he “would get back to us, but that did not happen”. We did not realise that we were subjected to a considerable amount of tax payable from our super fund due to insufficient forms submitted to the ATO.

We were looking for an “honest, diligent, helpful, caring accountant that works within the ATO guidelines” and after an initial meeting with Faye Cornish we decided to change to ATS in 2013.

Our finances are now at an “excellent level” thanks to Faye. Because our self funded super had been “badly managed”, Faye had to search through and fix our super fund failings. We now have a “very organised” super fund and are “comfortable knowing that it is well managed”.

Working with ATS is “easy”. We are confident that we are “receiving informed and competent service” Unlike our previous accountant, Faye answers or explains all questions asked and we can understand her communications.​

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