Lisa Beckett

Lisa Beckett

Lisa Beckett

CA, B.Bus (Acc), Director

Born and raised in Albury/Wodonga region, my husband works in Perth (FIFO) and I live in Table Top. I have a 2 year old son Cooper. I graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Business in 2002, then moving onto being a member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia in 2009.

I love the Albury/Wodonga region because the majority of my family is here and also because it is a small community; you get to know the people, it is a nice feeling to go out and about and meet and greet the people you know. Albury/Wodonga has some great restaurants and activities to keep you busy on the weekends, it is also not too far to drive to Melbourne or Sydney to also enjoy the activities that the cities have to offer.

I started with ATS in July 2015, moving from Huon Partners. I am a Director, specialising in compliance, tax planning and business advice and services for all types of businesses. I have a range of clients giving me the diversity to be able to provide advice to all types of businesses. I have extensive experience using MYOB and QuickBooks as well as many other accounting software programs. I have been involved in business benchmarking and setting up new businesses. I strive on providing sound advice and being available for clients when they need my help in any situation.

I have worked with Ulf Ericson for 15 years; we are not only work colleagues but great friends which you don't often get in a workplace. I enjoy coming to work to see what my work colleagues have done on the weekends. I also enjoy the support that you get from working in a firm like ATS that I don’t believe you don't get in larger accounting firms. ATS has a flexible work environment which makes it easier for me to raise my 2 year old son and work full time. ATS has shown great respect and support to me in the past few months and I can't wait to work with a great team which again will make coming to work exciting and enjoyable.

I love that I get to work with different people every day. Each day is a challenge as you don't often work on the same thing during the one day, whether it is a client phone call, email from a client, visiting a client, query from the Taxation office, it is the variety that makes my day interesting. I also love working in a team that are not only your colleagues but workmates which definitely makes coming to work more enjoyable.

"There is nothing more enjoyable then seeing your clients business thrive and watch them grow from sometimes a small individual sole trader to a large company employing many local people."

I have many interests which include playing and coaching netball. I love travelling on Saturday's to play and coach my fellow team mates and watching the younger players develop. I also enjoy travelling locally and overseas, eating at nice restaurants, cooking as well as running, I participated in my first half marathon in October 2014. Throughout the festival season that our region has to offer, my family and I sell some of our home cooked favourites at local market stalls and festivals.

Lisa Beckett

– Enjoying the corn stand

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