16 Reasons To Choose ATS Partners

Why choose ATS Partners as your tax and business advisor?


We believe in tax minimisation

The law exists for all and we are passionate that you take every advantage available. You can sleep at night knowing you pay the minimum amount of tax within the law.


We always follow up & return calls

If there is something we need to do, we will get it done. All phone calls and emails are responded to quickly and we keep you informed of progress on any matter.


We are a CPA Firm

Our people hold professional qualifications with CPA Australia and Institute of Chartered Accountants. Our continuing membership requires proven professional development and training. We adhere to all standards set by these professional bodies.


Our experience is real

Our directors and senior staff have come from many backgrounds and have been consulting to businesses and individuals for many years. Our experience can help you in a wide range of areas.


We keep up to date

A commitment to training and professional development as individuals and as a team means that you have access to a broad range of knowledge and can expect us to be aware of recent changes. We don’t assume that we know everything and have excellent access to “second opinions”.


We meet deadlines

When the work is passed on to us, we meet the appropriate deadline.


We stay in touch

Our social media platforms and our newsletter provide practical advice and information and we will always inform you if there is information that can be useful to you.


We offer fixed price services

The fixed price of your annual accounting package is spread evenly over a financial year to help you budget effectively and plan your cash flow


We clarify the scope of the work we will do

After discussing any project, we will provide a written proposal detailing the scope of our work. This prevents a perception gap between what you expect and what we will do. If extra work is required, we will always discuss and agree on any additional fee before undertaking the work.


We have attention to detail

We exercise quality control over everything we do. Attention to detail is a requirement and expectation of everyone in the firm.


We admit mistakes and fix them

We are human and mistakes can happen, although not very often. If we make a mistake we admit it and fix it at no cost to the client.


We keep our promises

When we promise to do something, we always keep our word.


We have back up and data security plans

Like most businesses we rely on the stability of our IT system. We have high quality backup and protection in place.


We are discreet – whether face to face or online

Each person in the business is bound by contract to maintain the confidence of information and client discussions. Our internal systems are designed to protect your confidentiality.


We work as a team

There is always back-up and support from colleagues when required. This means that you have access to a range of expertise not available in small firms.


Our reputation is important

We have excellent relationships with other professional firms and have built a brand based on Trust.

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